Psorifix: Healing your skin is possible!


Psoriasis affects approximately 4% of the world’s population. Both young and senior people suffer from it. Statistically, 70% of people who reported the symptoms of psoriasis are below 20 years of age. These are young people who avoid noisy get-togethers as the disease makes them unattractive for other people including their peers.

Psorifix which improves appearance and facilitates skin recovery can help in solving the issue.

Psorifix cream:

  • Is effective even at the latest stages of the disease;
  • Stalls the growth of skin cells;
  • Makes relapse impossible;
  • Provides high level of control.

What is Psorifix

It is a creamy product with a very gentle texture with a specific scent. Active components of the cream influence the affected skin areas mitigating itching and making exfoliation less intense. It also eliminates excessive dryness and reddening.

Psorifix contains biologically active components. 65655888544

  1. Willow extract. It reduces the risk of bacterial infestation of the affected skin areas and facilitates quick absorption of Psorifix;
  2. Birch extract. It makes the functioning of oily glands less intense providing a soothing and softening effect;
  3. Greater celandine. It moisturizes the epidermis and makes it more elastic gradually eliminating excessive dryness. The oil has antioxidative properties and enriches the skin with vitamins and minerals;
  4. Tea-tree oil. It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and facilitates regeneration of the skin. Moreover, it helps to quicken the removal of damaging effect of psoriasis;
  5. Juniper oil and salicylic acid effectively kill micro flora which causes the disease thereby facilitating healing of the skin.

Psorifix also contains honey and essential oils extracted from citrus fruits. Besides, the cream contains active silver ions which facilitate disinfection of the skin and kill absolutely all microbes. Psorifix cream supplies the skin with vitamins and minerals and normalizes blood circulation. The action of the cream is visible after a week of regular application.

Psorifix’s mechanism of action

Components contained in Psorifix help to achieve soothing, disinfect and clean the epidermis by causing massive destruction of microbes which might be triggering inflammatory processes in the affected skin areas. Psorifix cream is easily absorbed leaving no oily film so your clothes and soft furnishing remain clean. The cream can’t be dissolved by sweat or water.548775222

The high level of moisturizing is provided by Psorifix in a timely and efficient manner preventing painful skin drying. The results from action of the cream are noticeable at the very moment of putting it onto your skin. The affected skin areas dwindle in size, dryness disappears and itching and exfoliation become less intense. The cream can be applied to any area of the skin.

You should use the cream avoiding your mucous membranes and eyes.

The cream can be administrated in combination with any pharmaceutical treatment. It’s compatible with all therapeutical medications.


The use of Psorifix cream does not require any additional devices. The administration:

  • The affected skin area shall be cleaned from contamination with water;
  • Small quantity of the cream shall be put onto the red spots;
  • Cover this skin area with a clean tissue for a short time to allow the absorption of the cream.

Softening excessively dry skin areas:

  • Wash the skin area or clean it in a different way;
  • Evenly spread the cream along the surface;
  • Wait for 15 minutes to allow the absorption of the cream.

At the initial stage, until stable improvement is achieved, the cream should be used twice a day (preferably after shower). When the affected area is significantly reduced, Psorifix cream can be used once a day.

Counter-indications 215488888

Psorifix is not a medication. You should consult with your doctor before using the product.

No counter-indications or side effects are known. The major counter-indication can be individual intolerance to the cream components.

Compared to the majority of anti-psoriasis products, only Psorifix has a completely organic compound. The product is certified.